Tech Stack of Our Consultants

Our developers are constantly keeping track of new development trends and make sure to learn the most efficient and popular technologies on the market. Outsourcing Advisory offers a robust tech stack for software, mobile, and web development. Get to know all the technologies we use:

Back-End Technologies

Back-end development implies a deep understanding of business logic, databases, API layers, and software architecture. There are multiple back-end programming languages developers use to empower server-side operations - Java, Python, Scala, C#, and many more.

Here are the back-end tools we use at Outsourcing Advisory:

  • PHP allows developers to create dynamic data fields, collect information on the page, send and receive cookies. PHP supports command-line and server-side scripting.
  • Java is another general-purpose programming language for desktop and mobile applications. Companies hire Java developers to build apps that run on multiple devices with no modifications.
  • C/C++. Both C and C++ are high-level programming languages. The languages have similar functionality and syntax - however, C is more popular among developers for its error-proof commands.
  • .NET is a framework geared towards web application developers. It has a convenient model-view-controller architecture because it increases the development speed, supports multiple screens, and asynchronous technique.
  • Python. As the most rapidly growing programming language out there, Python has a wide following and huge resource libraries. Hire Python developers to benefit from versatile, easy to maintain, and highly functional software products.

Front-End Development Tech Stack

Front-end development accounts for the visible part of the website or an application - it’s closely intertwined with design and directly accounts for the user experience. There are multiple frameworks and tools that help developers boost the front-end of their projects - here are the instruments we use:

JavaScript frameworks

JS framework help developers increase the development speed - these are pre-built pieces of code. Depending on the project and the skill of the development team, frameworks can be used to lay the foundation of the project or as a way to implement incremental changes.

Here are the frameworks Outsourcing Advisory use for software and application development:

  • React - helps create interactive interfaces and easy-to-debug views. Hire ReactJS developers to build projects with a reusable codebase that couldn’t be implemented for various projects.
  • Node.js - a lightweight framework that benefits from the I/O model and is built on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. Node is the largest library ecosystem worldwide.
  • Angular JS - hire AngularJS developers to build custom frameworks for software development so that it suits your workflows and project objectives.
  • Vue.js is a universal framework we use to build both simple and complex architectures. It has 6 customizable classes and a wide range of transition effects. The framework is popular among developers thanks to comprehensive documentation.


Our developers have a strong command of HTML and HTML5. While the markup language is the simplest one around, it builds the backbone of the website and defines the structure of the page. The interfaces of most web pages and applications use HTML to define the page components and update its style.


Outsourcing Advisory developers rely on CSS to format and style HTML documents. As the language helps separate the structure of the website from the presentation, it creates more room for creativity in the front-end design and speeds up the development process.

Mobile Development Tech Stack

If you plan to hire app developers to create either native or hybrid apps, consider reaching out to Outsourcing Advisory developers. Depending on the platform, the budget, and the type of project, we use platform-specific programming languages and technologies:

Native app development

Programming languages:
  • iOS: Swift, Objective-C;
  • Java, Kotlin.
Integrated development environment:
  • iOS: Apple Xcode;
  • Android: Android Studio, Android Developer Tools.
  • iOS SDK;
  • Android SDK.

Hybrid app development

  • JavaScript: React Native;
  • C#: Xamarin;
  • Cordova;
  • PhoneGap;
  • Ionic.

CMS Tech Stack at Outsourcing Advisory

Some companies would prefer using a content management system to empower the website as opposed to relying on developing a custom project. Outsourcing Advisory supports all most common CMS, such as:

  • Wordpress;
  • Drupal;
  • Squarespace;
  • Bitrix;
  • Joomla;

Contact Outsourcing Advisory to hire the right development team for your next project. Let us hear your ideas and pitch in with ideas, knowledge, and best practices.